Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Song List for May 10th, 2016

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation"

1. Maple River Band - Rain Song, Chicken Coop Scott, If I Could Only Win Your Love, Rambling Boy

2. Gordon Lightfoot - Love and Maple Syrup, Same Old Loverman, and Redwood Hill

3. Katy Moffat - Love Me Like a Man, Miss Otis Regrets
4. Van Morrison - Motherless Child
5. Geoff Muldaur - Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
6. Larry Long and Claudia Schmidt - It Feels OK

7. Lonnie Knight - Just Ride the Train
8. Mary Klueh - Fearless Girl
9. Bonnie Koloc - After All This Time

10. Beatles - She's a Woman, I Feel Fine
11. Bob Dylan - If You See Her Say Hello

12. Lou and Peter Berryman - April May, Your State's Name Here, and Why Am I Painting my Living Room

60s Nostalgia
13. Lovin Spoonful - Rain on the Roof, Coconut Grove, Nashville Cats

14. Leo Kottke - Eight Miles High

15. Joni Mitchell - Circle Game, Carey, The Last Time I Saw Richard
16. Neal and Leandra - I'm Ready for Memphis

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