Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Song List for June 28th, 2016

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation"

1. Poor Benny - Hideaway
2. Dick Kimmel - Corbett on the Couch
3. Cal Hand, Soupy Schindler, Peter Ostrouschko - Sister Nell-Dirty Ruben

4. Bill Staines - Ballad of the Maples
5. Judy Larson, Bill Hinkley, and Cal Hand - I Know You Rider
6. Bill Hinkley and Garrison Keillor - Rockin' Alone
7. The Talk of the Town Barbarshop Quartet - Powdermilk Biscuit Theme

8. Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter
9. Lonnie Knight, with Billy Steiner and Gus Dewey - For Free
10. Tom Paxton - Cindy's Cryin and Ramblin' Boy

11. Jerry Rau - Shade of the Old Notre Dame
12. Ann Reed - Coffee Tasted Better When You Were Here


13. Beatles - Rocky Racoon
14. Bob Dylan - Queen Jane Approximately

15. Cuts from a Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose LP - Clyde and Gidney the Moonmen, Boris and Natasha, You've Got to Have a Crook, Fractured Fairy Tales - Red Riding Hoods Anonymous and Reprise and Farewell

60s Nostalgia
16. Peter and Gordon - Lady Godiva

17. Garrison Keillor - The Fearmonger's Shop
18. Vern Sutton and Phillip Brunelle - Teddy Bear's Picnic

19. Tommy and the Liebermen - Tee Many Martoonis
20. Olivia Chaney - False Bride
21. Karen Savoca - Five Old Men
22. Ron Arsenault and Dave Pengra - Big as the Moon

23. Powdermilk Biscuit Band - Stepstone
24. Cathy Jordan - All the Way Home
25. Ron Arsenault and Dave Pengra - Ron's Jig

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Song List for June 21st, 2016

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation".

1. Old Buck - Tippin' Back the Corn and You Win Again
2. Pop Wagner and Dick Rees - Old '97 Where Did You Go?
3. Dick Rees - Barbara Polka

4. Larry Long - Living in a Rich Man's World
5. Alan Lomax - Pretty Little Horses
6. Mary Travers - The Song is Love

7. Neal and Leandra - Rock in the River, Resurrect Our Love, Miss Me, and Old Love

8. Ken Lyon - Scotch and Soda and He Was a Friend of Mine
9. Odetta - I've Been Drivin' on Bald Mountain/Water Boy
10. Phil Ochs - Changes

11. George Harrison - Stuck Inside a Cloud, and Crackerbox Palace
12. Traveling Wilburys - End of the Line
13. Bob Dylan - I and I

14. Homer and Jethro - Mama from the Train (Kiss, Kiss) and They Were Doin' the Mambo

50s Nostalgia
15. Carl Perkins - Blue Suede Shoes, and Boppin' the Blues

16. Lonnie Knight - Abel
16. Nigel Egg - Music Man
17. The Rankins - Roving Gypsy Boy and Fare Thee Well Love
18. Maura O'Connell - Sunnyshine Day

19. Mayo Muir - A Parting Glass
20. Wayne Schmidt - Namekagon River

Questions, comments, requests for future shows? Leave them here or a Bruce Davis Folk Scene Etc. on facebook or email to dbdavis@hickorytech.net.  Or call during the show to 507-389-5678 or 1-800-456-7810. Sometimes however I can't get to the phone while I'm setting up the next record or song, or I'm speaking on-the-air.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Song List for June 14th, 2016 The "Rain" show.

Since I knew it would probably be raining most of the day, I picked many songs along a "rain" type theme, either in title, lyric, and/or subject matter.

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation".

1. Carrie Newcomer - I Heard an Owl
2. Malvina Reynolds - What Have They Done to the Rain?
3. Gordon Lightfoot - Early Morning Rain

4. Johnny Cash - Five Feet High and Rising
5. City Mouse - Deep River Blues
6. Lovin' Spoonful - Rain on the Roof
7. Joni Mitchell and LA Express - Rainy Night House

8. Nikki and Rich Rue - Trouble in Mind and Apple Tree

9. Ralph Bailey and Paul Horrisberger - Light Rain Blues
10. Peter, Paul, & Mary - Its Raining

11. The Rain Dogs featuring Betty - Rain
12. Simon and Garfunkel - Cloudy and Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall

13. Annie Gallup - Flood

14. Beatles - Paperback Writer and Rain
15. Bob Dylan - Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

16. Les Barker - Occasional Table
17. Sheila Kay Adams - Lizzy and the Tooth

60s Nostalgia
18. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Buy for Me the Rain
19. Serendipity Singers - Crooked Little Man
20. The Hollies - Bus Stop
21. Gordon Lightfoot - Rainy Day People
22. Bonnie Raitt - Cry Like a Rainstorm

23. Ian Kimmel - When You Are the Rain
24. Joe Kopel - Tornado

25. Carrie Newcomer - A Gathering of Spirits and I Heard an Owl

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Bluesy Song List for June 7th, 2016

In the spirit of Ambassadors' Bluesfest coming up in St. Peter this weekend, here's a list of the mostly "bluesy" songs I played on this show. See the Rock Bend Folk Festival facebook page for a listing of performers and venues for Blues Fest.

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation".

1. Lonnie Knight - Waltz for a Greyhound
2. Willie Murphy - Dizzy Miss Lizzy
3. Janis Joplin - Careless Love and Ball and Chain

4. Dick Kimmel - Fishin' Creek Blues
5. Wayne Schmidt - Mild Flowers
6. Ian Kimmel (with Dave Pengra) - She's Gone
7. Tuba Skinny - Rosa Lee Blues

8. Bessie Smith - Worn Out Papa Blues
9. Dave Ray - Fannin Street
10. Phoebe Snow - San Francisco Bay Blues

11. Folky Dokey - Quit Your Lowdown Ways
12. City Mouse - Perpetual Blues Machine
13. The Blues Project - I Can't Keep from Cryin'

14. Beatles - Yer Blues and O-Bla-Di O Bla-Da
15. Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues

16. Lonnie Knight - Romeo and Juliet

17. Nikki and the Ruemates - I Can't be Satisfied
18. B.B. King - Blue Shadows Fallin'
19. Doug Maynard - Downchild

20. Jimmie Rodgers - Train Whistle Blues
21. Tom Rush - Milk Cow Blues
22. Eric Von Schmidt - Turtle Beach
23. Eric Ross - Little Wing

24. Doug Maynard - Lullabye

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