Thursday, March 25, 2010

Annie Gallup - How I Discovered Her Music and How It Affected Me

Shortly after I started hosting Folk Scene Etc., I began a methodical search of the KMSU music library shelves, looking for things that I thought might fit the general musical format of the show. The first Annie Gallup CD I found was"Courage My Love". The first thing that caught my eye was that the woman on the front of the CD bore an uncanny resemblence to a very good friend, Joni Myers. She and her husband Don perform with me as part of trio called Folky Dokey. The second thing that caught my eye was a couple of intriguing critics' reviews on the front of the CD, so I gave it a listen.

The first song -"It's Dangerous Charlie" - crashed into my brain like a speeding train. The second cut is a brief poem called "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That" which made it obvious I was listening to a REAL poet, and by the third cut, a song called "Anything Is Possible" I was totally "gone" on Gallup. It actually took me back to the days when I purchased Joni Mitchell or Beatle or Bob Dylan records and actually loved everything I heard on the records the FIRST TIME I heard them, and that hadn't happened in a long, long, time.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kimmel and Granger - Minnesota Music Treasures

Every time I go to visit my sons in the Twin Cities I make the rounds to the used record racks and usually come home with at least five albums of some of my favorite music to share with you on the show. This past Friday was no exception with early music from Ian and Sylvia and Gordon Lightfoot as part of my haul. But most pleasing to me this trip was a visit with Adam Granger and his wife Renee.

Adam provided me with a copy of a CD of live music he recorded with Dick Kimmel at an Arts Center in New Ulm in 2008. Perhaps many of you enjoyed Dick and Adam when they played the Rock Bend Folk Festival and the Bothy Folk Club. Now you can experience the artistry and fun of Kimmel and Granger as I play it on my show, and I'm sure you'll want to get a copy of the CD for yourself. The CD is Dick Kimmel and Adam* Granger Live at the Rhein. Call Adam to order at 1-800-575-4402 or email Adam at

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*or is it "Atom" Granger?