Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Remembering Gail Heil Song List for June 4th, 2013

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation"

The second hour of this show was dedicated to the memory of Gail Heil, Old Time Musician Extrordinaire, both music and lifetime soulmate of Bob Bovee. Gail died on May 30th from cancer.  I knew Gail so well personally (and Bob too) that I knew it would be hard emotionally to do this program.  So Dick Kimmel graciously agreed to be in studio with me to be supportive while we talked about Bob and Gail and played their music.

1. Michael Jacobs - Let the Journey Begin
2. Pete Seeger - Sailing Down That Golden River

3. Stan Rogers - McDonnel on the Heights
4. Stan Rogers - The Mary Ellen Carter
5. Garnet Rogers - Good World After All

6. Kaivama - Sulo
7. The Polka Chicks - Kotimaki Jussi
Kaivama is a musical act that you should not miss when they perform at the Art Center of St. Peter the night of June 15th.  See www.kaivama.com to learn more about them.

8. Bob Bovee and Gail Heil - There'll be a Change in Business All Around.
9. Bob and Gail - Cindy, Cindy
10. The Carter Family - Lonesome Valley
11. Judy Larson and Bill Hinkley - Rider

12. Rachael Bissex - For Florence
13. Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen - Never Grow Old

14. Bob and Gail - I Ain't Got Nobody
15. Bob and Gail - Susanna Gals
16. Bob and Gail - Never Been Kissed

17. Dick Kimmel with Bob and Gail - Sullivan's Hollow
18. Dick Kimmel with Bob and Gail - Blue Ribbon Waltz

19. Bob and Gail - Cotton Mill Girl
20. Bob and Gail - Goin' to German
21. Gail - The Cowboy's Wife
22. Bob and Gail - Old Woman Pickin' Chickens

23. Bob and Gail - My Little Rooster
24. Bob and Gail - Goin' Down to Cairo

25. Bob and Gail - Saddle Buddies
26. Doc and Rosa Lee Watson - Your Long Journey

Please see www.boveeheil.com  to learn more about them and order their music.

Thanks again to Dick Kimmel for joining me on the show tonight. www.dickkimmel.com

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