Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Show song list for May 31st, 2016

Theme:  "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation".

1. Poor Benny - Little Daisy
2. Turner Parrish - Trenches
3. Graham Brothers - Hard Times Come Again No More

4. Tony Rook - Reason to Believe
5. Jody Stecher and Kate Brislin - Going to the West
6. The Sorry Muthas - Martha's Tune and Talking Wolverine

7. Spook Handy - Waist Deep in the Big Muddy
8. Steve Parry - Hope
9. Laura Nyro - Blowing Away/Wedding Bell Blues

10. Joe and Eddie - There's a Meeting Here Tonight
11. Ralph McTell - Streets of London
12. Kate and Anna McGarrigle - Tell My Sister and Swimming Song

13. The Rain Dogs - Millionaires
14. The Cats - Bright Lights and Helplessly Hoping
15. Wooden Nickels - Down Home Girl

16. Beatles - Kansas City, Eight Days a Week, and You Like Me Too Much
17. Bob Dylan - Changing of the Guards 

18. Jonathan Winters - Maude Frickert, the first night of her honeymoon, Elderly Gentleman sees a flying saucer, and Chester Honeyhugger asking for a date.
19. Michael Cross - The Scotsman

60s Nostalgia
20. Frankie Laine - Lucky Old Sun

21. Carol Noonan - Love You to the End
22. Nikke (Matteson) Roux and Rich Rue - Prodigal Son
23. Cary Morin - Sing It Louder 
24. Karen Savoca - You Gotta Love

25. Willie Murphy - Voice in the Night

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