Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Song List for September 1st, 2015

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation"

1. Merle Travis - Sixteen Tons, Follow Through, and John Henry
2. Bill Monroe and the Bluegrass Boys - John Hardy, Shady Grove, and Danny Boy

3. Cory Marin - Live a Little and Wolfman's Brother
4. Charley Parr - Gospel Plow and True Friends
See Rock Bend Folk Festival on facebook or rockbend.org to see when Cory and Charley are playing.

5. Olivia Chaney - False Bride and Imperfections

6. Gordon Lightfoot - Minstrel of the Dawn

7. Ocho - Both and Enjoy Yourself

8. Beatles - I Am the Walrus
9. Bob Dylan - Gates of Eden

10. Bob Newhart - Retirement Party

60s Nostalgia
11. Sonny and Cher - The Beat Goes On
12. Brewer and Shipley - Tarkio Road

13. Captain Gravitone and the String Theory Orchestra - When the Circus Comes to Town
14. The Divers - The Legend of the Hamburger Eating Woman
15. The Heritage Blues Orchestra - Clarkside Moan
(These three groups will be at Rock Bend.)

16. Charlie Musslewhite - Times are Getting Tougher Than Tough
17. Alathea - Blueberry Jam and Orphan Girl

18. Whole Wheat - All the Balloons

Questions, comments, requests for future shows?  Leave them here or at Bruce Davis Folk Scene Etc. or email to dbdavis@hickorytech.net.


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