Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Show Song List for November 11th, 2014

Theme: "Down the Track" from Wayne Schmidt's CD "Waiting for Evaporation".

1. The Rankins - Mull River Shuffle
2. Larry Hanks and Deborah Robbins - Queen of the Rails
3. Earl Johnson and his Dixie Entertainers - I'm Satisfied

4. New Lost City Ramblers - Automobile Trip Through Alabama
5. Odetta - Sail Away Ladies
6. Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi  and Woodstock

7. Simon and Garfunkel - Fakin' It

8 Steve Wacker - Ballad of Nathan Wood

9. Beatles - I'm Looking Through You
10. Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

Cabaret Le Ruse begins their run of the Musical Theater presentation "Christmas Regifted" this Friday night at the Roadhaus in Henderson.  See www.cabaretleruse.com for more information and to purchase tickets online.  Eli Hoehn of Captain Gravitone and the String Theory Orchestra visited the show and brought along some music by artists who will be featured at "Christmas Regifted".

11. Poppa John Kolstad - Flat Foot Floogy
12. Steve Kaul - Muleskinner Blues
13. Wendy Soleil - Take Us
14. Captain Gravitone and the String Theory Orchestra - I Want to be a Philosophy Major
15. Tom Lieberman - Tee Many Martoonies

16. Leo Kottke - Machine

17. Hans Peterson - Healing Waters
18. Kaivama - Edina Speed Trap
19. John Lowell - I Am Going to the West
20. Annie Gallup - Fight the Devil

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