Thursday, March 25, 2010

Annie Gallup - How I Discovered Her Music and How It Affected Me

Shortly after I started hosting Folk Scene Etc., I began a methodical search of the KMSU music library shelves, looking for things that I thought might fit the general musical format of the show. The first Annie Gallup CD I found was"Courage My Love". The first thing that caught my eye was that the woman on the front of the CD bore an uncanny resemblence to a very good friend, Joni Myers. She and her husband Don perform with me as part of trio called Folky Dokey. The second thing that caught my eye was a couple of intriguing critics' reviews on the front of the CD, so I gave it a listen.

The first song -"It's Dangerous Charlie" - crashed into my brain like a speeding train. The second cut is a brief poem called "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That" which made it obvious I was listening to a REAL poet, and by the third cut, a song called "Anything Is Possible" I was totally "gone" on Gallup. It actually took me back to the days when I purchased Joni Mitchell or Beatle or Bob Dylan records and actually loved everything I heard on the records the FIRST TIME I heard them, and that hadn't happened in a long, long, time.


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