Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Posting February 18th, 2010

Hi there. This is my radio show blog. I'm Bruce Davis.

This is where I plan to post the songlist from my radio show called Folkscene Etc. heard each Tuesday evening from 7-9 pm U.S. Central time on KMSU radio, 89.7 FM, broadcast from the campus of Minnesota State University, in Mankato Minnesota. The program is streamed and can be heard by going to

I play CDs and vinyl records on my show, and sometimes local musicians come to the studio and play live.

I'll also post some notices about various local musical events and appearances.



  1. Congratulations Bruce, it posted. Hooray!

  2. Love the K, R & G!
    One Foot in the Groove is their best album.

  3. Yes, Tin Can, It was really cool. I came into the studios tonight and there were two KRG CDs in my mailbox apparently dropped off for me by the 33-and-a-third fellows. The other one is Glover and Ray called The Picture Has Faded or something like that. How do you think the live stuff sounded tonight (Rain Dogs). I had invited them to call and drop by anytime, and it was a neat surprise to have them do so.

  4. Hi Bruce,the site looks good. Wondering what you about contemporary singers that are not really folk music singers but have some interesting sounds, for example John Mayer, and or bands like Collective soul?

  5. The last time I heard listened to any contemporary singers and groups was in the early 2000s when I was still working at a commercial radio station that had an "Adult Contemporary" music format. Otherwise I haven't listened to commercial music radio on my own time in probably about 30-years. My taste in music developed in the 60s and 70s during my college and young adult days. The band I was in back then, "Whole Wheat" played mostly "folk-rock" and that's why you see a lot of that type of stuff on my playlist. And my tastes were also shaped by experiences I had listening to music from a Minneapolis scene called "the West Bank" which included a coffeehouse concert venue called the Coffeehouse Extempore, and the Old Time and Bluegrass scene of that era as well. Us Old Folkies don't change much as the years go by, but I try to keep a somewhat open mind about new stuff, but I guess my open mind is opened only a little crack or so.